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Jo-Anne Oliveri
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Published on July 22, 2011

I’ve always been taught that I should never go to anyone with a problem if I can’t also assist with the solution. In my last two blogs I’ve articulated my observations and opinions on just one of the reasons why this industry is so problematic. The problems are so bad they have metastasized into a systemic dilemma crippling the industry – I believe as a result of the lack of training due to the type of training available.

Due to my upbringing, I set about researching, searching, solving and testing what I believe to be the solution. Training. Training is the solution. At least it’s a major step forward in solving the problems inflicting the property management industry. The contagions that have spread a malignancy so potent that even though property management is the lifeblood of all real estate agencies, many are prepared to get out of the industry rather than let the rot spread any further. Strong words because they need to be strong. Let’s be clear about this! It’s time for solutions and action.

If you want to run a successful property management business providing optimal service then you have to be prepared to invest in the required resources, systems, training and teams. You have to be prepared to be accountable and understand this part of your business. Therefore, training starts at the top with YOU. That’s right, the fish stinks from the head down, so they say, so if you have property management as part of the services you offer then the buck stops with you. You can’t blame the continual revolving door of staff that come and go.

OK, I’ve given you all the reasons why training is so important and the validation to contemplate as to why legislative training, or as I term it ‘theoretical’ training, is not sufficient in my last two blogs. So now it’s time for the solution.

My own company, ireviloution intelligence, is releasing in late August the first ever online property management training program. This puts YOU, the business owner, back in charge of your business operations. You can actually employ someone with the right attitude and legal registration and then have them trained in accordance with their role and responsibilities.

Training and workshops are available in most areas. I understand this. However, let’s look at the negatives of this style of training. First off, the team is usually required to leave the office so you have travel time on top of that. That’s a long time away from their desk. I know in this wonderful age of technology we now have companies who participate in webinars, but have you ever observed what is ‘taught’ during these webinars and what the team is actually doing when they should be focusing on a small screen during such generalized training? It’s worth observing. Have you ever asked the team after attending training, workshops or webinars what they learned and what changes will be implemented in the day-to-day operations as a result of the training? These training sessions are too generalized and usually result in team members losing focus and gaining very little from it. Yes, they may return from the office all excited by what they heard, but honestly what difference has it ever made to your business operations and service delivery? Workshops are important, however in my view the only time a workshop is necessary is when there are changes to legislation, systems or processes. Generalized training and webinars actually have a detrimental impact on the business as each team member interprets the training differently, which becomes evident in the changes made to current processes. The result is business and operational deterioration leading to degeneration.

ireviloution intelligence training is a world-class e-learning product.  It provides a unique and comprehensive online interactive learning environment.  The training has been designed to ensure each team member can obtain extensive knowledge and skills to achieve optimal service delivery and apply operational efficiency and consistency. One of the unique components of the training system is its ability to report the participant’s competency and completion at the end of each training module  to management.  This means that you can be assured that your team member is learning what they need to know to build your business successfully.  Most importantly, the training delivery targets the specific operational systems and workflows that the licensed ireviloution operating systems, procedures (processes) and practices are based upon.

Some of the key features of ireviloution intelligence online learning product include:

  • World-class e-learning product including assessment
  • 28 comprehensive operational training modules
  • 8 management and operational performance modules
  • A self-paced nature to allow flexibility for participant completion
  • Results and competency focused learning and assessment
  • Automated reporting of participant’s results
  • Reportable completion and results achieved by participant to (Business Owner) manager
  • Measurable learning
  • Training is targeted, role specific and relevant
  • Training can be undertaken in the workplace without sending team offsite
  • Owners of the business can for the first time have ownership of the learning being achieved
  • Applied adult learning principles into learning material and presentation
  • Unlimited access to online learning product by participant for on-going referral

In next week’s blog we will discuss further the powerful impact and improvements this style of training will have on your business, team and the industry. Yes, I’m determined to revolutionize this industry…for the right reasons and with the right solutions.

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Jo-Anne Oliveri

Jo-Anne Oliveri is Managing Director of ireviloution intelligence in East Brisbane, Australia, which empowers principals and property management teams creating and operating business by design.

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