This week in property management news: February 15, 2016

Katrina Langer
Katrina Langer | 2 min. read

Published on February 15, 2016

This week in property management:

Maybe the rental affordability crisis is all in our heads; how to make your business resilient even in the face of economic crisis; Colliers International acquires a global property management firm; the LA times answers a reader’s question about vague CC&R clauses; and Buildium announces a new partnership that makes property inspections easier than ever.

Is the rental affordability crisis a myth?

It’s hard to read any property management news without coming across at least one economist talking about how the cost of living is rapidly on the rise for renters. But can it all be chalked up to bad math?

How to prosper in property management—regardless of the economic cycle.

Imagine not worrying about how your business will fare if the economy dips again? One expert shares how he’s grown his business over 30 years, despite one of the worst economic periods since the great depression.

Colliers International invests in the Netherlands.

Global real estate firm, Colliers International, acquired in WPM Groep V, a leading Dutch property management company.

LA Times Q&A: Can an HOA make owners cover repair costs for communal areas?

One homeowner association CC&R describes repair costs in such vague terms, it’s unclear to owners who is responsible for fixing certain problems. Donie Vanitzian outlines several legal cases with similar logic that could answer the question.

Buildium partners with HappyCo for faster inspections.

A new partnership between Buildium and HappyCo will result in a simplified property inspections application. When the Happy Inspector app is integrated with Buildium, you’ll be able to track, complete, record, and share field inspections all from one place.

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