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Elise Beck

Published on May 18, 2015

Buildium property management software is specifically designed to make life easier for property managers. And to make your life easier, we need to make sure our software is easy to use. We work diligently to ensure that every single task is intuitive to the user, we spend hours upon hours doing user interviews, we test and re-test new features before they are released, and we strive to create a world where our customers can navigate through our platform with all the grace of a skilled sailor.

But, as is the case with any software, it can get tricky. New features are added. Improvements are made. Things change. While we promise it’s all for the best, it can cause temporary confusion.

Introducing our new Support & Help Menu:

We’ve released a new Support & Help menu that makes it even easier for you to navigate our software and get in touch with our award-winning customer care team:

Buildium Support & Help Menu


Create a ticket

Creating a ticket allows you to request support from our customer care team. When you create and submit a ticket, you will receive a response that same day (usually within 2 hours).

View your tickets

Viewing your tickets allows you to check the status of an existing ticket.

View archived support tickets

Viewing archived support tickets allows you to revisit tickets that were closed out prior to January 2014.

Check system status

Checking system status allows you to view current hold times for our live agent support.

Help for this screen

Select “Help for this screen” to access our help articles relating to the specific screen you’re looking at.

All help articles

Browse through all of Buildium’s help articles to find the information you’re looking for.

Getting Started Webinar

Sign up for our “Setting Up for Success” webinar series, where you will learn how to configure your Buildium account.

What’s New

See what’s new on the Buildium Blog.

Suggest a Feature

Is there a feature you wish we had? Suggest new feature or vote on other new feature ideas.
We hope this latest update makes it that much easier for you to navigate through your Buildium account and get in touch when you need us. It’s smooth sailing ahead!

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Elise Beck

Elise thrives on enthusiasm, entrepreneurship, and innovation. She also loves DIY and home improvement projects.

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