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Feature update: Receive payments on the Buildium mobile app

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If you’re trying to track down late rent, it’s easy enough to go to the property and knock on the door. It’s even easier if you can collect a payment right then and there with the Buildium mobile app.

As of today, as long as you have the Buildium mobile app installed on your iPhone or Android device, you can collect mobile rent payments—no matter where you are!

The flow works just like the Receive Payment page in Buildium, but we’ve optimized it for mobile devices.

Here’s how it works:

1. Launch the app, then select the “Receive Payment” icon.

buildium iphone home

2. Select a resident from the list. You can also search by name using the search icon on the top right. If you have residents on multiple leases, you’ll be able to select the correct one here.


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3. Enter the payment information. You’ll see any outstanding balances, and you’ll also be able to modify any of the transaction info on this page. Some payment methods are not listed—direct deposit, for example, doesn’t make sense in the field.


4. Allocate the payment to the correct ledger accounts. If the payment is less than the outstanding balance, it will apply the funds using the standard highest-to-lowest logic. If the payment is greater than the outstanding balance, you’ll be prompted to assign it to a new account of your choice.

buildium iphone mobile payment

That’s it! Once the payment is complete, your tenant will receive a confirmation email, as usual. All ledgers are updated in the field, so you don’t have to adjust when you get back to the office.

Oh, and remember the new Eviction Tracking process we announced a couple weeks ago? The same logic applies here, too: Your agents in the field will know if an eviction is underway, so they won’t collect any rent payments that interrupt the eviction.

If you still have questions, check out this Mobile Payments help article from our support team.

Elyse LeBlanc

Elyse LeBlanc

Elyse has worked at Buildium for the past 3 years, starting in our Customer Care department and working most recently in Product Marketing. Raised in Colorado but a New England girl at heart, Elyse brings 10 years of customer service and training experience to Buildium, along with a passion for product knowledge and learning. Elyse has been a stakeholder in the ongoing update of Buildium's knowledge base and development of new educational content for customers.

  • Travis A Martinez

    I don’t see any way to scan, or take a picture, of the check or money order on the app.

    • Buildium

      Hi Travis! Thanks for your feedback, we think this is a great idea. We’ve passed it along to our product team for consideration for future product updates. -Katrina

  • Chase DeLuca

    It seems the developers chose to specifically omit certain “Payment methods.” I wonder if there’s a good reason to leave out “Direct Deposit” and “Electronic Payment” from the available choices.

    Most of my tenants pay me electronically (Venmo, Square Cash, PayPal), and I like to log the payment as soon as I see it come through, even if I’m out of the office. The app is specifically prohibiting me from logging that kind of transaction, right now.

    • Buildium

      Hi Chase, we really value your feedback, thanks for sharing it with us. We forwarded your concerns to our product team, and they’re considering it for future updates. -Katrina

  • Jim

    The app overstates what it does. The advertisement says no more excuses the checks in the mail. Implies the unit owner or renter can make payments thru the app. Not true. The check still has to be received (it wouldn’t be in the mail) before making an accounting entry, and the check still has to be deposited to the bank. This is an accounting tool, not a payment tool. A start.

    • Buildium

      Thanks for the feedback, Jim. This feature handles the situation where you or your team member is out in the field, and are collecting cash or a check from a resident when they’re at home. We’re investigating expansions to this tool, including taking payments directly through a mobile device. -Sam D.

  • Jack French

    This is AWESOME! Been waiting for this for a long time. I deposit rent checks with mobile banking app and now i can record easily while on my mobile as well.

  • Edward

    As a relatively new member of the property management industry, this is just what I have been looking for. It looks so easy to use. Will definitely be using going forward.