Building your vision: What will your business look like in 10 years?

Jillian Rodriguez
Jillian Rodriguez | 4 min. read

Published on January 18, 2018

It’s a new year, and most of us have a brighter, more successful future on the brain. The start of a new year lends itself perfectly to building your company vision: A specific set of ideas that describe what success looks like for your company at a future date.

A company vision statement can act as a powerful business strategy as you grow, giving you a clear destination that helps to guide your choices along the way. Here’s what property managers need to know about defining their company vision.

What is a Company Vision Statement?

Let’s start by defining what a vision is. A company vision statement is generally understood as a descriptive picture of your company in the future that articulates the goals that you hope to achieve. An effective company vision statement is very detailed and specific; anyone reading it should have a clear snapshot of what success will look like for your company at that future point.

For property managers, your company vision defines what you’re trying to build and what it will take to get there. Every business needs a roadmap, and the process of writing a company vision statement will help you to stay on track in the direction of your growth. For property managers committed to highly successful habits, devising your company vision statement is a must.

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Why is Having a Company Vision Important?

As a property manager, you work in one of the busiest industries out there. We get it—exercises like developing a company vision statement may seem like an unnecessary step. However, some of the most sustainable, successful companies out there have taken the time to define their company vision.

Why is visioning linked with success? Because writing your company vision statement is one of many strategic tools for lasting success that is both inspiring to your team, and serves as a sensible guide for your future actions.

Think about it: When you’re approached by a new property owner who wants to work with you, how do you decide whether or not to move forward? With a company vision statement in place, you can simply ask yourself if the partnership brings you closer to realizing your vision for the future.

How to Write a Company Vision Statement

Now that you know what a company vision statement is and why it’s so important, it’s time to write one for your business. Dedicate some time in your schedule to sit down and write a company vision statement. It doesn’t have to be a long exercise—you could write a draft of your company’s vision in just 30 minutes. Find a quiet place to write, and begin by picking the future date that you will be envisioning.

Let’s say that you’re writing a 10-year company vision. As you write, describe what your business looks like 10 years from now. Who’s involved? What have you accomplished? How did you accomplish your goals? Be as specific as possible as you write.

Once you’ve polished and finalized your company vision statement, share it with your employees and stakeholders. As you plan for the future of your business, you can create action steps around your company vision to make it a reality.

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