Buildium releases new accounting reports, bank reconciliation enhancements

Geoff Roberts
Geoff Roberts | 5 min. read

Published on February 24, 2014

We’re pleased to announce that a slew of property management accounting enhancements head up today’s updates to Buildium. Thanks to our awesome customers for their feedback, which helps us to develop ever-improving property management software.

New bank account and compliance reports

We’ve added new reports to help our customers tell who owns the cash in their bank accounts. The bank account balance breakdown shows a summary of cash by owner. The bank transactions and bank transactions consolidated reports show a detail view, much like a bank statement. The trust bundle is a .zip file that includes the bank reconciliation and bank account balance breakdown. All reports include inactive properties.

Bank Transactions Consolidated report
Bank Transactions Consolidated report

Bank register by property

The bank transactions page has been outfitted with a property filter, allowing customers to see transactions by property or rental owner. Each transaction shows the property or properties associated with it. This feature includes inactive properties.

Prevent users from editing reconciled transactions

If a $100 check is reconciled, it should stay $100. So we’re now preventing users from changing the grand total amount of all reconciled bank transactions. (Don’t worry: memos, accounts, dates, and properties can be changed.)

Bank reconciliation enhancements

The bank reconciliation view state and report now summarize uncleared transactions and ties the reconciled bank statement ending balance back to the “book balance” in Buildium.

New rental application feature

We think you’ll enjoy new rental applications that you can customize with ease.

Your rental applications your way
Your rental applications your way

Easily record cash or check rental application fees

Buildium has always allowed you to process a rental application fee electronically. In this release we will offer customers the ability to process a rental application fee by cash, check, and other manual payment methods. This rental application fee can be included in a bank deposit. By default, Buildium will include in the undeposited funds for the bank account identified in rental application fee settings. Once deposited, a rental application fee can be reversed.

Redesigned listings hub and forms

We’ve completely revamped the “Listings” section under the “Rentals” menu. Gone are the pop-up forms and the quirky bouncing back and forth to unit and property details. Now customers have a simple, consolidated view of their listing, with the ability to easily edit information, syndicate, and export.

We’ve also added the ability to link YouTube or Vimeo videos to the gallery, which is just plain cool. Videos will appear on the public website and will also be sent to our syndication partners.

Finally, we’ve combined all of the listing settings for listing contacts and listing syndication into a simple “Listing settings” page.

Undo task updates

This feature gives managers a short time window within which to “undo” updates to a task. This is helpful if the manager missed the sharing options on an update — shared it with the tenant when he or she did not mean to, for example, or simply made an error in the text of the update.

Redesigned meter readings and bulk charges forms

The legacy pop-up forms for recording meter readings and entering bulk charges are replaced with modern, in-line forms. This is a big win for customers using Buildium on a tablet or smartphone.

Redesigned add lease form

This new form replaces the legacy “move in” form. You can now set up your entire lease, including all tenants, recurring charges, and one-time opening charges, on a single screen. This will save users at leased — er, least — four metric tons of time.

Updated mobile apps

Last month we released all-new Buildium mobile apps for iOS and Android. They provide a beautiful and powerful software experience that looks great on your smartphone or tablet. Now you can move faster, act faster, and grow your property management company faster than ever before.

Buildium's new mobile apps for iOS and Android
Buildium’s new mobile apps for iOS and Android

The all-new Buildium mobile apps are designed for speed, so you never have to lose time waiting for an app to load. But they also give you the key functionality you need on the go — like adding a maintenance request; editing and view tenant, owner, and vendor information; uploading photos of a property (or a leaky toilet); and getting directions to a property.

With these apps, you’ll get a seamless Buildium experience. From your mobile devices to your laptop, and back again, you just enter the information into Buildium once — and access it everywhere. You can even get the full Buildium experience in your mobile browser without needing to sign in again.

Today we’re announcing some upgrades to those apps. There are two main upgrades, in addition to a slew of bug fixes:

  • Add photos from a gallery

  • Email a work order

All of these new features are available right now to Buildium customers, so please take them for a spin and let us know what you think.

Not a Buildium customer? Now’s the perfect time to take a 15-day free trial and join a community of over 8,000 property managers who’ve become Buildium believers.

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