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Kiona Highbridge
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Published on May 6, 2015

For every beautiful real estate photo out there, there are probably five terrible, bizarre, or just plain ugly listing photos to complement it. No doubt you’ve seen some of these gems yourself, but in case you haven’t, we’ve compiled a list of some of the worst and weirdest photo-pas so you know exactly what not to do when preparing your own listings.

Quaint Cottage Conveniently Situated in Center of Golf Course

Why’s everything so far away? This property is probably very nice, but all we can focus on is the patchy grass.

From the same listing—a classic blurry living room portrait. Steady those hands!

Oh, I Didn’t See You Sitting There, Alone, in the Dark

Looks like we’ve got some interesting furniture going on here. I mean, it’s hard to tell, since this is potentially the darkest room ever. Next time, turn on a light to balance out the sunshine through the windows.

Baby’s First Camera?

A budding photographer’s “From the Ground, Up” series. While we commend the effort, this photo is a little too “artsy” for a listing.


A Classic “Everything About This is Wrong”

There are just so many things to see here—from the owner tidying things up to Fido lending a helping paw to the ’70s-style graininess.

I’m 100% Certain You Didn’t Miss a Spot

This floor is very, very clean. And so, so shiny. Excellent Swiffer form.

Priority Parking to Ensure Optimal Commute Time

No, this is great. Really. Just to be clear, it’s the car that’s for sale, right? I might suggest parking it front and center so we can answer the two- or four-doors question.

So Big and So Round, Round

Here is a classic example of overusing the wide-angle lens. The room does look bigger, but it also looks rounder. Very creative.

Home is Where the Hats Are

Okay, sure, your standard corner pic just to prove that your house does, in fact, have floors and walls that meet in corners. Prospective tenants might wonder if the hats are there for scale or if they’re covering holes in the walls?

I Think a Family of Hats Will Fit Right into This Neighborhood

More hats! This time, they are more relevant to the listing. Or, wait, maybe not. It’s probably a good idea to clean up all the “by the door” clutter before taking photos for listings.

This Porridge is Too Cold!

Real pets and stuffed pets in real estate photos are a big no-no. Human sized or not.

Waldo? He’s Such an Amateur

Less obvious than the previous photo, but just as awkward. Stuffed animals large enough to have their own bedrooms should not be in any real estate photos, no matter how fluffy.

Oh! A Bidet and a Lounge Chair!

Okay, so this bathroom is quite large, and the rug and chair do get the point across. But are we supposed to believe people hang out in their bathrooms and feed their dogs in there too?

The Awkward Space Above the Fireplace

Did thieves steal the artwork from above the mantle but leave the grand piano? If tenants have already started to move out, it may be worth investing in some staging pieces to brighten the space. In this case, spending a few dollars on artwork from Ikea could make all the difference.

The Tale of a Tiny Dog in a Big Window

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to the number of photos you post. This is one of those times, especially because from this angle, and with all of those knick knacks, this photo is just cluttering the listing.

Enjoy Some Piña Coladas While Basking in That Warm Oven Breeze

I think this photo speaks for itself. Don’t they know it’s bad luck to open an umbrella inside?

So, there you have it: a compilation of some of the strangest photography mishaps we could dig up. Not that we had to look very hard—these laughable photos are pretty easy to get your hands on. What are some of your favorites? Share in the comments below!

By the way—if you got a good chuckle out of this and are interested in some more tricks to bring your listing photos up to professional quality, check out our Taking Better Photos guide.

Want to see even more? The credit for the photos you saw here goes to blogs Bad MLS Photos and Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos.

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