The Ultimate Community Management Software Stack

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Get everything you need to level up efficiency and create an unparalleled experience. Plus, enjoy extra savings and discounts!

Not your ordinary community management software

Stay a cut above with the #1 most recommended community management software complete with ready-to-go, industry-leading apps + Open API integrations.

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Community Association Management Software

Accounting, communications, online payments, violations tracking—there’s everything you need to manage your community associations and then some.

★ Get your first 15 bank account activations free (a savings of nearly $1,500) when you start using ePay.*

Purpose-Built Accounting Software

Get guided workflows and automations made for community management, including automatic bank reconciliations.

Anywhere, Anytime Payments

Collect association fees, cut processing time and even pay bills all online with ePay—no more manual deposits.

Maintenance Efficiency Leveled Up

Track work orders on-the-go, 24/7. Automate tasks, scheduling, and integrated bill and invoice management.

The Best Mobile Apps

Speed up response times and information access with the smoothest digital experience for homeowners and board members.

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HOA & Resale Documentation

HomeWiseDocs saves time on resale and community association documentation while letting you generate revenue with every order. Integrate right through Buildium Marketplace + get additional incentives when you’re up and running within the first 60 days.

  • Keep control of orders because nothing is outsourced
  • Increase revenues up to 50% (on average) without changing current pricing
  • Control the price you set so it won’t cost you a dime
  • Process resale documents in less than 1 minute

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Lead Generation & Nurture

Find new clients and grow your business with All Property Management, the industry’s largest lead network for property managers—and we’ll give you $500 worth of leads free.***

  • Tap into 400,000+ associations and property owners looking for property management experts like you
  • Search for leads based on property type, lead volume, and zip code
  • Find growth opportunities by paying per lead with no monthly contract or obligation
  • Get alerts through Buildium and respond to prospective clients immediately

All Property Management

Tech Stack Connection

Buildium’s industry-leading Open API integrates your most critical property, owner and accounting data with your other business applications to increase access and insight into what matters most.

  • Get programmatic access to your company’s data and link it to outside tools and systems.
  • Give your team the information they need in the format that works best for your business.
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Top Partner Integrations

Get on-demand access to the most adopted and latest association management apps with preferred pricing from leading technology partners only available through Buildium.

  • Explore a growing roster of proptech partners and their proven platform integrations.
  • Find apps that put you in control of the levers that lift your business.
  • Add to Buildium (in a snap) and get started right away.

Looking for custom integration options? Grab hold of your data and create your own workflows with Buildium’s Open API.

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Streamlined Collections

Automate your collections process while providing unparalleled transparency to management staff and board members – and for a limited time you’ll get a $50 rebate per collection file submitted.**

  • Full accounting integration with Buildium, meaning no more manual data exchange
  • Eliminate legal expenses with a cost-effective, merit-based collections process
  • Outsource all collections activity to a licensed third-party so you can focus your time and energy on more profitable tasks
  • Improve homeowner satisfaction with an ethical and consumer-friendly approach to collections
Automated Accounts Payable

Eliminate manual data entry, automatically retrieve utility invoices, route invoices for approvals, and seamlessly sync with Buildium. For a limited time, unlock exclusive preferred pricing only available through Buildium Marketplace.**

  • Get rid of data entry: key invoice data is automatically extracted and seamlessly synced to Buildium once approved
  • Manage utility invoices: directly connect to online utility portals and download invoices as they are released
  • Keep vendors in line: CondoWorks provides a structured process along with duplication screening and insurance compliance alerts
  • Make audits airtight: easily access a complete record of invoices and history of routing and approvals