Robin Young

Report: A Potential Disconnect Between Rental Owners’ & Property Managers’ Growth Plans

New research that could impact your expansion strategy for 2023 & 2024

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In 2022, 92% of property managers told us they expected to expand their portfolios in 2023 and ‘24—but for many, growth depends in part on their clients’ plans to acquire new properties.

With high mortgage rates and property prices making it a challenging time for many investors to buy, how many rental owners plan to grow their portfolios in the next two years?

The answer points to a potential mismatch in expectations between property management companies and their clients—and that’s what we’ll cover in this short report.

We’ll also reveal five alternate strategies that property management companies are using to expand in the current market.

Simply fill out the form with your information to download your free copy of the report. You can also listen to the report here:

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