Infestation 101: A Property Manager’s Guide

Buildium Content Team

Imagine your tenant calls and tells you your property has ants. Or bedbugs. Or cockroaches. Or rats. What do you do? What could you have done to avoid that call in the first place?

Pest infestation is one of the biggest nightmares a property manager can encounter. Get ahead of pests by putting together a pest prevention policy and knowing the warning signs before they strike. Download this comprehensive how-to guide, prepared with the help of entomologists and pet experts from EarthKind, to learn how to effectively spot, treat, prepare for and prevent pest infestations.

You’ll find:

  • A calendar of seasonal pest infestations
  • How to spot, treat and avoid the ten most common pest outbreaks
  • What toxic or banned chemicals to be wary of
  • How to find and screen a professional pest expert
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