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Report: How Many Renters Plan to Move Out in 2023 & 2024?

Data-backed recommendations on increasing renewals this leasing season

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24% of renters plan to leave their current rental by this time next year—and an additional 34% of renters are on the fence.

When we asked thousands of renters which factors most influence their decision to stay or go, their responses pointed to something important: their perception of value in their current rental.

In our latest report, learn how property managers can increase renewals by targeting three main areas:

  • The quality of service they provide
  • The amenities and services they offer
  • Their approach to property maintenance

Plus, hear directly from the renters we surveyed on how their property manager could improve their experience in their rental—potentially enough to consider renewing.

Simply fill out the form with your information to download your free copy of the report. You can also listen to the report here:

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