Report: Growth During a Recession & Pandemic

Robin Young
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Which areas of the rental market have the greatest potential to prove profitable in the second half of 2020 and beyond?

Last month, we asked property managers to tell us how their outlook on profitability and portfolio growth has shifted as a result of the recession and pandemic. When you download your free copy of the survey results, you’ll learn what 1,200 other property managers had to say on this topic, as well as:

  • How optimistic they’re feeling about different rental property subtypes at this point in the crisis, from single-family rentals to student housing
  • How COVID-19 has changed rental owners’ perception of property managers’ value

For example, 89% of property managers with mobile homes in their portfolios plan on growing in the next 2 years, in comparison with just 73% of multifamily managers. Why is this the case? Download the report to find out!

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