7 Steps To Expand Your Business Into Community Association Property Management [Guide]

Tony Maiella

Seventy-eight percent of new U.S. housing being built today are part of community associations. With that kind of opportunity, moving into association management is one of the most obvious places for many to grow their portfolio.

In Volume 1 of our Climbing Into New Verticals guide series, Grant Marlowe, owner of an accomplished association management business, equips you with all the knowledge you need to understand this vertical and find the right opportunities to grow in it, including:

  • Key differences between community association management and other property types
  • Go-to resources for HOA laws and guidelines 
  • An inside look at HOA culture and communicating with board members and residents effectively
  • The essential marketing and staffing groundwork needed to succeed 
  • Technologies that make each part of the CAM process easier
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