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A Property Manager’s Guide to Growth

Getting Your Business Ready to Bring on More Doors Quickly

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In our 2024 Industry Report, 85% of the thousands of companies we surveyed have reported portfolio growth in the last two years—the most growth our survey has ever recorded. And 92% of survey respondents have announced their intentions to expand their portfolios in the next two years. In this guide, we will explore some of the steps successful property managers take to prepare their business for growth and then build a strategy based on their growth goals.

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  • Benchmarking

    8 key performance indicators to help you size up your business, including manager-to-property ratios, call response time, vacancy rates, and many more

  • Planning Your Growth

    Gain deeper insight into possible growth strategies, focusing on portfolio vs. revenue growth, staffing, infrastructure, and process improvements

  • Lead Generation and Conversion

    We highlight the key channels and techniques necessary to up your lead-gen game and bring in more qualified leads

  • Management Software and Technology

    Understand how a full-service property management software solution and an expanded tech stack can help you achieve your growth goals

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