The 2021 Renters’ Report

Robin Young
Robin Young | 45 min. read

6 Profiles to Help Property Managers Attract & Retain Great Renters

The 2021 Renters’ Report reveals 6 data-backed profiles of the renters that you’re most likely to find in your rental properties, from one-person households to multigenerational families. You’ll learn how to put this information into action to attract and retain great residents this leasing season, and hear directly from the renters we surveyed on how their considerations have changed in the last year. Dive into:

Types of Renters & Demographics
Which types of renters are most likely to live in your units today, and which demographics represent the future of the rental market

Move Out & Amenities
How likely each renter type is to move out, and which amenities will drive their decisions

Expectations & Technology
What their expectations are for their property manager, and which technologies they consider a necessity

COVID & Finances
How renters’ finances have been affected by COVID-19

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