2020 tax guide for property managers

Stephen Fishman
Stephen Fishman | 47 min. read

In an effort to stave off economic devastation in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, Congress revised the nation’s tax laws again a few short years after the sweeping changes of 2017.

To help you understand how the latest tweaks to the tax code affect your business, we created the 2020 Tax Guide for Property Managers to walk you through what expenses you can deduct, essential tax credits you may be able to claim, and much more.

Tax Deductions
Top 10 Tax deductions for property managers

Tax Credits
Relevant tax credits including new COVID-related credits

IRS Form 1099
The latest changes to IRS Form 1099 (and 1099-NEC)

Tax Dates
A 2021 calendar of must-know tax dates

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