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eFile your 1099s with Buildium

It’s January and it’s time to eFile your 1099s.

Buildium is here to make filing a simple process for you.

How it works:
You’ve been using Buildium all year to manage your business. Now, leverage all of that hard work and file your 1099s today!

  1. Generate a 1099-MISC batch in Buildium. We’ll take all of the data you’ve entered and calculate the totals for you. You can edit our recommendations if you need to.
  2. If you’re going to use Buildium to file with the IRS, e-File right on the spot. Bam! You’re done! You can now brag to your friends that you’re keeping up with your New Year’s resolution to work more efficiently. Or take a batch summary report off to your accountant and they’ll handle the rest.

Year-end accounting tips:
Here’s a quick list of the stuff you should do to wrap up 2013 and get 2014 started out right!

If you work with an accountant, talk to them and ask if they’ve got anything else to add.

For more on 1099s, see our blog post What Property Managers Need to Know About Form 1099.