Thank you for requesting a Buildium demo

Welcome to your four-part Buildium demo with our Onboarding Specialist, Lindsey. Feel free to watch from the beginning, or start with a feature that you’re most interested in. Please call us at 877-396-7876 if you have any questions during your tour. If you like what you see, sign up for your own free trial today!

Find and move in great tenants with Buildium's full suite of marketing and leasing features.

Somewhere out there on the World Wide Web is the perfect tenant for your upcoming vacancy. Buildium’s marketing and leasing features make it possible to find them.
It all starts with listing your vacancies. Just use Buildium’s filters to find your upcoming vacancies, and in one click, post your listings to your company website, Apartment List, Live Lovely, and the entire Zillow network.
When your listing does get in front of the right person, they can easily fill out a rental application. As soon as they click submit, you’ll be alerted within Buildium that you have a new applicant.
Then, in seconds, you can screen tenants with full credit, criminal, and eviction reports. So, when you’ve found the right tenants, you can send them a copy of the lease (which they can sign electronically).

Collect rent online and streamline maintenance requests with Buildium's resident portal.

Imagine if you could resolve all of your residents’ questions and maintenance issues without answering a single phone call? Well, Buildium’s online resident portal is designed to do just that.
Residents will log into the portal right from your website. There, they can see an updated balance statement, submit maintenance requests, and access shared documents.
When they pay rent online or submit a maintenance request, the interactions are automatically recorded in your Buildium application. For online payments, funds are directly deposited into your bank account and your ledgers are updated. For maintenance requests, you and your staff are alerted so that the request can then be assigned to the appropriate vendor.
The resident portal will allow your residents to stay connected, but more importantly, it will streamline even the most time-consuming day-to-day tasks.

Accounting is the backbone of the Buildium software.

Accounting is the backbone of our software. Some key aspects of our accounting platform include property accounting, resident financials, and reporting.
Buildium makes it really easy to keep track of every dollar, whether it’s coming in or going out. View the net income for all properties, or drill down into each specific property to get more granular.
You also have the ability to focus in on one resident: the lease ledger provides a summary of financial information for each individual unit, so you can see all transactions related to it until it’s vacant again.
There may come a day when you need to pull a report quickly. With our reports function, you can access financial, rental, and transactional reports.

Buildium lets you track your business expenses alongside your property expenses.

We know it can be overwhelming to track both your business expenses and your rental income at the same time, so we created a company financials section so you can monitor them side-by-side.
Meanwhile, as you’re growing your business, you’ll need to hire new staff to help. So, there’s no additional fee when you add a user to Buildium, and you have the ability to control what the new users see within your Buildium app.
If you’re actively looking to sign new clients, Buildium has added All Property Management to its family to do just that. All Property Management is a lead generation service that makes it easy for new clients to find you. When a client is interested in your services, you will be notified so you can get in contact with them and explain the services you offer.