Buildium Property Insurance

Used as a single solution or complement to Buildium Renters Insurance, you can ensure your residents, owners, and properties are covered—always—with Buildium Property Insurance.

Buildium Property Insurance* Benefits


Automation & Trackability

Save time spent enforcing insurance, and see who is (or isn’t) covered when policies expire.

Speed & Efficiency 

Avoid having to chase down adjusters and filing claims through multiple providers—and focus on running your business instead.

Risk & Cost Mitigation

Help owners dodge higher premiums associated with claims filed on their own homeowners policies.

Revenue & Peace of Mind

Cover program costs (or more) through administrative fees or a resident benefits package—and know you’re covered.**

Easy Opt-in & Payments

Make sign-up simple, meet lease requirements, and offer competitive pricing that conveniently rolls into their rent payment.

What’s Covered with Buildium Property Insurance?

Up to $100,000 in liability coverage with no deductible for resident-caused property damages, including fire, smoke or explosion damages, plumbing, HVAC, water damage, burglary, and many others.

Frequently Asked Questions

The owner/manager would never replace the initial homeowners insurance policy with a Buildium Property Insurance policy, instead the homeowners insurance policy would be supplemented and insulated by the Buildium Property Insurance policy. The Buildium Property insurance policy protects against RESIDENT caused damages. Other damages (owner/manager-caused, or acts of God) would be covered by their homeowners insurance.

The primary difference between an H04 renters insurance policy and a Buildium Property Insurance policy is that the property manager is the ‘Named Insured’ with a Buildium Property Insurance policy, and the resident is the ‘Named Insured’ on an HO4 renters insurance policy. The Buildium Property Insurance policy is designed to protect you and the property owner, as well as the property or dwelling, and the renters insurance policy is designed to protect your residents and their belongings.

While Buildium Property Insurance does not include coverage for a resident’s belongings, it:

  • prevents the resident from being held liable for any covered resident-caused damages
  • is very inexpensive and affordable, with rates typically lower than most renters insurance coverage options.
  • Is assuring to the resident that the coverage meets the requirements from the property manager within their lease terms.
  • Is convenient with quick and easy sign-up
  • Is time-saving, with no time spent researching 3rd party providers for rates and ample coverage
  • Is simple, with one less bill to track and pay. Billing is included with their monthly rent payment.

You have the option to either charge your residents the same amount as your cost per month to recover your costs, OR you can charge residents an additional $3 per month and collect that incremental income each month from each policy signed, recovering it as an administrative fee. You will be able to select between those offer prices when signing up.

Please check local laws and guidelines and consult with legal counsel should you have any questions or concerns.

A Property Insurance policy insures the dwelling the resident lives in with liability coverage for any resident-caused damages, and the policy is typically in the name of the property management company. 

Renters insurance is in the renter’s name, and also covers the resident’s belongings to a specified value amount. 

Property insurance is also not the same as homeowners insurance that the property owner likely already has. For one, a typical homeowners policy would cover property damages like acts of God, or those caused by the owner, but typically DON’T cover damages caused by the resident. Homeowners insurance is typically in the property owner’s name while Property Insurance is typically in the property manager’s name.