Board Communications

Communicate with homeowners, non-owner residents and board members, anytime, from anywhere.

Automate communications, anytime, from anywhere

Send, track, and customize communications with all homeowners, non-owner residents, and board members via email, mail, and text. Access payment ledgers, directories, reports, pay bills online, and more via the online portal.

Organize and share documents

Quickly sort and find files from any device. Share unlimited documents such as by-laws, community financials, and meeting minutes. Set permissions to allow board members to access reports.

Build trust and save time with on-demand financial reports

Give board members transparent access to financial reporting anytime, anywhere, for everything from financial statements to delinquent association owner reports.

Build a Community

Add a community message board to the portal, so homeowners and board members can share and discuss news and updates, or continue the conversation even after association meetings have ended.

Hear from our customers.

“Board members are able to view the financials at a moment’s notice… It’s kind of like they get a daily board meeting.”

Jaspur Liberman On the Mark Management