Emerging from the Pandemic: 3 Property Managers Talk Post-COVID Plans [Panel]

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There’s a time for everything. A time to hustle, a time to reflect, even a time to take a breath. Now is the time to plan.

What practices will you adopt permanently? What will your clients want? Ready or not, it’s time to start the wheels turning for what business will be like post-pandemic.

To help you figure out where to focus first, we put together a panel of three property management leaders with single-family, multifamily, and hoa-centric portfolios.

  • Elena Tropp, Director, Property Management, Carolina Moves Property Management
  • Tony LeBlanc, CEO/Partner, Ground Floor Property Management
  • Chris Beatty, President, Red Rock Management

They’ve got a lot to say and we’re here to listen.

Watch the Webinar Now!

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