Buildium's Epic Story Contest

One of our favorite parts of talking to property managers is the stories we hear. The thieves that stole all of the copper piping. The illegal gerbil breeding farms. The long-time renter hitching an emergency ride with her property manager to deliver her first-born baby. The improvised ice skating rink in the basement from a burst water tank during a cold snap—and everything in between.

Welcome to Buildium’s Epic Story Contest!

The Epic Story Contest aims to share property managers’ humorous and heartfelt stories with the world—and give one property manager the chance to come to Boston and work with the Buildium team on a one-of-a-kind video production. The submission deadline is Wednesday, May 31, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. ET.


The property manager with the most epic story will win:

Professional video
1 professionally-produced video to use on social media (promoted nationally)
Travel to Boston
Travel, meals, and accommodations to visit the new Buildium HQ in Boston*
Session with the team
1 working session with the Buildium team on your business and property management technology
Buildium property management software
1 FREE year of Buildium Software**

What kind of stories do we want to know about?

Humorous and heartfelt. A story that would make your friends laugh uncontrollably or have them realize how kind you actually are. Of course, any anecdote that underscores the connection with your residents is HUGE, since we know you go through walls (sometimes literally) for your residents and owners.

*Up to a $1,500 stipend.

**Up to $5,000.