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How Rockwell Group sustained double-digit growth with Buildium’s all-in-one platform

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Rockwell Partners

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Rockwell Group, a property management company based out of Chicago, achieved remarkable growth in the past few years with the help of Buildium. Their success came down to a mix of purpose-built, but flexible technology to meet the company’s growth goals and straightforward tools that could easily be adopted by residents and owners alike.


  • Expanded from 2 to 2,000 units with the help of Buildium
  • 10-20% growth per year in terms of number of units under management
  • Transparency and ease-of-use that makes it easy to attract new clients


To break through the competitive Chicago market, Rockwell Group knew they needed something rare. It would take a solution that was flexible enough to grow alongside the company.

The software would also have to pack some serious benefits for Rockwell Group’s customers and residents, with tools that make day-to-day interactions more convenient while providing more useful visibility than what competitors were offering.

Finally, the tech had to be easy to use for owners, staff and residents that spanned a wide range of ages and demographics.


Rockwell Group ultimately chose Buildium because it checked all of these boxes. They explored other leading options out there, but each missed the mark, being either too complex, too expensive, or not able to directly address the issues they wanted to solve.

With Buildium, Rockwell Group was able to get up and running quickly. An intuitive interface and reliable, always-on customer support team made it simple to get staff and customers familiar with the new tools quickly. Even now, they’re getting new residents and owners familiar with Buildium every day.

A straightforward onboarding and easy alignment with business goals meant that serious ROI was just around the corner.

Buildium has grown along with us and so it’s definitely felt that they’re a partner with us and they seem to be one step ahead in terms of what our needs are.
Ted Thilman

Rockwell Partners


Before Buildium, Rockwell Group was running Excel sheets on a monthly basis reconciling different transactions, an approach that quickly falls apart once you bring on more doors.

Now they have the tools to match both their current needs and their ambition for growth. Everyone the company works with can now access the same platform through portals like the Resident Center, which caters to their needs.
That cohesion has made operations more transparent. The team is able to show investors and third-party management clients everything they’re doing in real-time, a selling point that’s been essential for winning new business.

And business has been booming. Rockwell Group is expanding at a rate of 10-20% per year in terms of number of units under management. Having started with just 2 units, they’re now managing more than 2,000 doors in multiple states, and there’s no signs of slowing down.

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