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Realty Solutions speeds up lease creation 6x with Buildium

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Realty Solutions

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2,500+ Doors

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Multifamily Single-family

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Too often, taking on more doors often means way more paperwork. It’s a reality that Jeannie Connors, VP of Operations & Law at Realty Solutions knew well.
Jeannie turned to Buildium to simplify each stage of every lease and keep her focus on customers. Now, she’s getting more done in a fraction of the time


  • 6x faster lease creation (just 5 minutes to create and send out a lease agreement)
  • Stronger relationships with owners and residents
  • Freed up employee time through more reliable EFT payment capabilities via ePay


Realty Solutions prides itself on building lasting relationships with renters and owners, but the amount of time it took to manage each leasing document and vendor invoice made it difficult to offer personalized service to the properties in their growing portfolio.

Managing outreach also proved challenging. With Realty Solutions mixed use portfolio of HOAs, single-family and multifamily units, the team had a lot of ground to cover to ensure they stayed responsive.


To keep growing without compromising a high standard of service, Jeannie brought on a new member to her property management team—Buildium.  She introduced Buildium’s eSignature, powered by Hellosign, capabilities to tighten up time-consuming lease management and ePay to simplify vendor payments.

Working with customer support at Buildium helped Jeannie navigate the new technology and train the rest of her team to integrate each feature effectively.

“Buildium is an extension of your team…It’s our engine. It’s what keeps us going.”

Jeannie Connors Realty Solutions


It used to take the Realty Solutions team half an hour, on average, to draft and send out a lease. With Buildium’s eSignature, in place, Jeannie cut that time down to five minutes. That efficiency’s added up to some serious benefits, given the more than 2,500 properties in their portfolio.

But why stop there?

Over the past year, Jeannie has started making EFT vendor payments through ePay, a feature that’s already freed up even more resources and led to profitable partnerships with service providers.

Now, Jeannie and her team can treat each property they manage as if it were their own, with all the care, attention, and communication they’ve built their reputation on.

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