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CoSine Real Estate Inc

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Jeremy Sine, president of CoSine Real Estate Inc, turned to Buildium to avoid the complexity that’s bogged down property management for decades.

With Buildium’s platform, Jeremy now has everything he needs to run his business in one place. No more endless paperwork or walls of file cabinets. Instead, he regained time to spend with family and invest back into his business.


  • Hours saved were put toward growing and improving the business
  • New communication channels to meet renters’ expectations for digital experiences
  • Automated recordkeeping and owners reports that add value and clarity for clients


As an entrepreneur with a small staff, the difficulties of property management fall squarely on Jeremy Sine’s shoulders.

He needed a better way to juggle the dozens of tasks and incidents he’s faced with every day, all while investing the time to nurture client relationships and staying accessible to residents.


Jeremy consolidated all his operations in Buildium to make running the business more manageable for him and his team.

Within the platform, he set up new payment options for residents and automated processes to ensure he was recording every interaction quickly.

He also tapped into Buildium’s analytics and reporting capabilities to share insights that mattered to owners more readily and with less effort.

I can’t picture my life without Buildium. It makes our job easier on so many levels.
Jeremy Sine

CoSine Real Estate Inc


CoSine Real Estate is now able to offer online rent collection with options for credit card and other online payments.

The new features aren’t just a convenience for residents. They help Jeremy’s team process payments more quickly and with automated documentation along the way.

That same visibility extends to communications with owners. Jeremy can generate monthly owner reports in just a few clicks.

With the time saved in each part of the management process, he’s now able to network with potential clients, build stronger relationships with existing ones, and pay more attention to his staff and marketing his business effectively.

Outside of work, he can spend more time with his family, which might just be the biggest benefit of all.

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