Worst advice for property managers

Geoff Roberts
Geoff Roberts | 2 min. read

Published on January 17, 2014

We asked a few property managers what was the worst advice they got as they started their property management careers. Here’s what they said.

“’Property Management is nothing but drama and you have to deal with it.’ Worst advice ever, and what a terrible way to view the world and the people in it.”

Bobby Russo
Ace Mulligan Homes

“Choose the low bid, no matter what.”

Ken Kmet
Condo Voice

“Lead with fear.”

Stephanie Burch
Gianikas Property Management

“The worst advice was that we are therapists, councilors, maintenance people, nurses, and very profession except that of a property manager. Once I understood what my real role was — and that is to maximize returns, optimize growth and nurture clients and the property — I was able to work like a professional in a proactive manner rather than working reactively to every situation we encountered.”

Jo-Anne Oliveri
ireviloution intelligence

“Left without any supervision and little training, I encountered a sink-or-swim mentality. Luckily I am a very good swimmer.”

Loretta Morgan
Jam Property

“‘Everybody does things differently and just because you do things a certain way, does not mean everybody needs to follow your methodology.’ It sounded good as a statement, but in reality it was not good advice. My style of working was to be diligent and effective and do things right the first time. That is the way things should be, and if there are other managers or colleagues who do things differently, it generally results in issues and problems. It is very hard work to do things right the first time, but it is the way you need to work, no matter how difficult.”

Linda Day Harrison

What’s the worst advice you’ve received? Please contribute to the discussion by adding a comment below.

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