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Geoff Roberts
Geoff Roberts | 3 min. read

Published on April 11, 2011

Though it may not seem like it quite yet depending on where you live, believe it or not, we’re officially a couple of weeks into spring. Over the past two years, we’ve blogged about winterizing on an annual basis. As with the winter months, you’ll want to welcome the spring season with a bit of property maintenance and some minor adjustments (and repairs, if necessary). Happily, the transition from the cold months to the warmer ones tends to be far more simple than getting ready for winter.

Throw open the windows.
Welcome the sunshine by opening up those storm windows, which have been shut tightly during the winter months. When the storm windows go up, the screens should go on—make sure that screens are installed properly and are in good repair. While you’re working on the windows, check for rotting along the window sills and make any necessary repairs.

Check air conditioning units.
Before you know it, it will be time to kick the air conditioning into high gear. Take care of preparation work now by making sure all air conditioning systems (whether it’s central air or window air conditioning units) are serviced and ready to go so that when the first heat wave rolls around, you’re ready for it. A word about window air conditioning units—they can be a bit tricky to install properly (and safely). With this in mind, consider sending out a memo to let tenants know your maintenance team will take care of installations to avert over-anxious tenants from taking matters into their own hands once the warm weather materializes.

Do some spring time servicing.
Sunny weather is great for performing structural property checks and assessing any damage that may have occurred over the winter—this is especially important in the wake of winters such as this past one, which was particularly wet and snowy in many regions of the country. Check for (and mend) damaged roofing and any structural rotting or wear and tear that may have occurred.

It’s time for spring cleaning!
Spring is the perfect time to spruce things up. Clean your gutters (this should be done twice annually), the exterior (siding, etc.) of your property, all windows, and all mats and carpets that had sand and salt stomped deeply into them over the course of the winter. Additionally, you may want to take some time to spruce up your landscaping.

Even though it may seem as though you made seasonal updates just yesterday, remember: There’s a lot of room for damage to occur in the winter months. Not only will your property look great by the time you’ve finished spring maintenance, but it’s the perfect time to catch those little damages that occurred over winter before they turn into big problems down the line.

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