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Linda Day Harrison
Linda Day Harrison | 3 min. read

Published on April 23, 2012

As managers and owners of property are we not supposed to deliver the best service, and keep our properties as safe and clean as possible? Is our staff learning and keeping on top of latest techniques and the current trends in technology? Do we empower our teams to deliver the best they can to maintain or lease our property? If not, why? What is your excuse?

Are there not enough hours in the day? Are funds tight? Is an emergency, like bad weather or governmental changes stopping you, giving you an excuse for not training, or teaching your team how to be the best?

Let’s try to stop creating excuses and make room for the good stuff! Instead of complaining about how hard it is or how much it costs, let’s take a proactive approach to the teaching and training problem! Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “How can I accomplish this?”

How about setting aside some time to sharpen the saw? Why not allow for so many hours per month or per week for training or learning? Call it “Education Hours” or “Education Day”. Whatever you allow for, give it a prominent time in your man-hours and be consistent, setting a standard day or time each month, that way it is expected.

Using your existing pool of service providers is a great way to obtain on-site instructors. Many of our valued service providers are eager to present their knowledge to my team. Bankers, attorneys, accountants, window washers, janitorial contractors, and even elevator experts, have excellent information about safety, security, techniques, and technical processes that your staff can gain a tremendous amount of insight from. If you have the funds, look into online seminars. Schedule group webinars or online instructors for multiple team members at one time. No longer do employees have to drive great distances or stay overnight in order to attend training sessions. Thanks to the internet, the training can now come to you and your company.

Also, with today’s technology you can act as your own trainer, using your own video stars – your staff! Simply create your own internal video sessions and save those sessions for orientations, recurring training, and cross training. It is always good for everyone to know what is expected when staff members are on vacation or call in sick. If everyone is cross trained using the videos, filling in for other staff members is not as painful since everyone will know what the other person does. Even a video put together using your mobile phone can be a great introduction to a property, the mechanical rooms, and other key areas of the building. Capturing these types of tutorials can save time and add a fantastic tool to your arsenal. They also provide a great selling tool for future business assignments. Videos can be posted on YouTube and categorized as company orientation tools, showing your clients how you work to keep your staff trained. Today, the days of 3 ring binders and manuals are out, and video, audio, and online tools are in!

Now that you have some easy and cost effective ways to train your team, and the way to keep them trained, go out and give it a try!

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