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Loretta Morgan
Loretta Morgan | 2 min. read

Published on March 19, 2014

Overwhelmed? Stressed out? No time to do the things you want to do or should be doing?

It’s time to take back your time.

This will be difficult at first. Initially, your team and clients will be hammering at your door: “We need this!” “We need that!” “This is urgent!”

However, with structure, discipline, and focus, it will become easier, and everyone around you will learn to comply.

Time-Blocking is Time Management

Plan out your day, week, and month. Prioritize what is important to you and make it happen.

Time-blocking is a great way to do this. For example, we all know those important tasks that get put on the back burner when our days and weeks roll into one and our lives spiral out of control.

Learning to manage your time gives you the upper hand, slows down time, and puts the power back in your hands.

How does time-blocking work in practice?

Start by time-blocking your emails and calls first thing in the morning and last thing in the afternoon. Don’t be tempted by that ringing phone or those email alerts that are popping up on your screen. It’s your time—it’s precious, so do with it what you want. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it back, so use it wisely.

Block out at least four hours to get into the “zone,” whether it’s focusing on your work or prospecting to build your business. It’s what you need to do. This is non-negotiable. Stop procrastinating and making excuses for the interruptions—you’re allowing it.

Interruptions from phones, emails, and team members are non-negotiable in this space. As soon as you cave, your day will spiral out of control.

Surprisingly, this time-blocking method actually gives you way more control over your day. It helps you to breathe easy and gets those all-important things done that you’ve been postponing for too long. If you’re not already doing this, try it. You might just surprise yourself.

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Loretta Morgan is Managing Director of Jam Property in Caloundra, Queensland, Australia.

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