This week in property management news: November 27, 2017

Sarah Pallatroni
Sarah Pallatroni | 1 min. read

Published on November 27, 2017

More renters resisting rent hikes; Baby Boomers now the fastest-growing group of renters; how to use tomorrow’s amenities to generate revenue; tips for preparing your roofs before winter hits; and how to best clean a rental between tenants.

More Renters Resisting Rent Hikes

At what rate should you raise rent prices? National Real Estate Investor shares the consequences of rent hikes.

Baby Boomers Fastest-Growing Group of Renters

It’s not all about Millennials in the world of renting. CNBC shares that Baby Boomers are now the fastest-growing group of renters, seeking to live in more urban settings.

Using Tomorrow’s Amenities to Generate Revenue

There’s a potential to make revenue from both vendors and residents through amenities, as long as they provide a service. NAA shares how to do so, and the hurdles you should know about.

Roof Maintenance Steps to Tackle Before Winter Hits

Rental Housing Journal shares 4 preventative steps to ensuring the roofs of your rentals are ready for the winter.

How to Best Clean a Rental Between Tenants

BiggerPockets provides 4 tips for easing the stress of cleaning rentals between new and old tenants.

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