This week in property management news: December 11, 2017

Sarah Pallatroni
Sarah Pallatroni | 1 min. read

Published on December 11, 2017

The headache of handling holiday packages; 3 quick and easy renovation tips for property managers; how to easily leverage social media; and the amenities Seattle tenants seek most in rentals.

Handling All Those Holiday Packages

Roughly 850 million packages will be delivered this holiday season, USPS predicts. RHJ discusses the challenges that property managers face when handling and protecting packages.

3 Quick Renovation Tips

Matt Faircloth for BiggerPockets provides 3 quick, easy, and affordable renovations for property managers.

Easy Ways to Leverage Social Media

Property manager Cindy Wick shares insights on how to successfully leverage social media for your property management business.

Seattle’s Most Sought-After Amenities

Although chicken coops and 18-foot trees are fun and interesting, in-unit laundry is what Seattle renters care most for. Curbed shares the results of a survey conducted by NMHC, which asked renters a series of questions around apartment amenities.

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