Property managers shouldn’t change the music

Salvatore J. Friscia
Salvatore J. Friscia | 3 min. read

Published on January 29, 2014

Have you ever heard the song “Margaritaville”? I’m sure you’re wondering what Jimmy Buffett and “Margaritaville” have to do with property management and real estate. Frankly, I’m not sure a whole lot, but please allow me to explain.

A few months ago I read an interesting article about this gentleman who was on vacation in the Florida Keys. One of the few things he truly wanted to do was to visit the world-renowned Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville bar. So he did. But upon entering the bar, and much to his dismay, he was surprised that country music was loudly being played over the speakers instead of music by Jimmy Buffett!

When he asked the waitress about it, she laughingly said that all the staff was so tired of hearing Jimmy Buffett songs over and over again that they often play different music every now and then to change things up. The author of the article went on to ask the waitress if she ever heard the Disney song “It’s a Small World,” only to realize that the point was being wasted on her.

The story made me think of what message my company, San Diego Premier Property Management, was sending to existing and prospective clientele. I’m proud to say we don’t change the music. Yes, we make adjustments to gain advantages over our competition, but our core strategy is and has always been about providing exceptional service to our clients while offering full brokerage services, from acquisition and management to sale.

So what message are you sending to your clientele? Is your marketing and company identity consistent and clear, or is it always changing? Are you clients aware of the services your company offers?

It’s easy to get so caught up in everyday business operations that we seldom take a step back to reflect on these questions, but I think it’s important to do so every once in a while.

The repetitiveness of your message may seem monotonous or even downright boring, but most likely that’s not how your clientele views it. A steady and consistent approach will allow your clientele to remember your company’s services and resonate with its true identity.

So don’t worry about playing the same song over and over again. Remember there are people out there who want to hear it.

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Salvatore J. Friscia

Salvatore J. Friscia is the Managing Broker at San Diego Premier Property Management in California.

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