Logging in, moving in, and helping yourself out just got a whole lot easier with Buildium’s latest updates

Geoff Roberts
Geoff Roberts | 2 min. read

Published on November 24, 2014

The Buildium team has been busy cranking out a slew of updates. Among the bug fixes and tweaks, we’ve recently rolled out a few noteworthy features worth keeping an eye out for.

Add applicants to an existing lease

Now you can easily add an approved applicant to an existing lease with the click of a button. In our latest release, we’ve redesigned the applicant summary screen so that the flow of the application is responsive to the lease conditions for the associated unit. What does this mean?

If there is currently no lease for the associated unit OR if there is currently a lease that expires at the end of the month, the “Move in” button will bring you to the “add a lease” screen:


If there is currently an active lease for the associated unit, the “Move in” button will allow you to view the existing active leases for the unit along with the option to create an entirely new lease:
“Move in” button

Sign in with Google or Facebook

You already have so many things to keep tabs on. Your password doesn’t have to be one of them. With third-party authentication, Buildium subscribers can log in using their Google or Facebook account credentials. This feature is currently live for 200 of our customers and will be rolling out system-wide over the next few weeks. With Buildium, all of the features of your account will be one simple click away.

Third-party authentication

Easily navigate our improved help center

You know that Buildium’s customer care team is always here for you, but we also want to make sure we’ve set you up to be successful on your own. That’s why we’ve tweaked the layout of our help center to make it even easier for you to find the answers you’re looking for.


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