Grow your property management culture by design — Step 2: Culture

Jo-Anne Oliveri
Jo-Anne Oliveri | 2 min. read

Published on May 7, 2014

Want to design your property management company’s culture so it attracts clients and brings you results? Your property management company’s culture says who your company is and what, when, where, why, and how it does what it does. To achieve a culture that attracts clients and brings you results, however, you must design it.

You can design your property management company’s culture by designing your company’s values, beliefs, and norms.

What are values, beliefs and norms? Values describe how you want your company to behave, what you want it to stand for, and which qualities you want it to cultivate. Beliefs guide you and your team towards achieving your business goals. Norms are simply accepted behaviors in your company. You must design all three if you want your company’s culture to attract clients and bring you results.

To find out how to design your company’s values, beliefs and norms, watch the video below to hear Jo-Anne Oliveri, Founder and Managing Director of property management business solutions company ireviloution intelligence chat about Step 2: Culture.

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Jo-Anne Oliveri

Jo-Anne Oliveri is Managing Director of ireviloution intelligence in East Brisbane, Australia, which empowers principals and property management teams creating and operating business by design.

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