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Ian Greenleigh
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Published on October 19, 2009

In order to effectively market a rental community, you must differentiate it from the competition. This much, we can all agree on. Your community may be positively unique, but what about the ways in which you deliver this message?

Content + Delivery = Message
Most of what the prospective renter encounters during their hunt is content-focused. But content is only half the equation. For your marketing to stand out, it needs to be delivered creatively. After repeated exposure to similar styles of delivery, content starts to matter less and less. It’s human nature, and this effect is amplified by our diminished modern attention spans and the sheer volume of information we now see daily.

Special Delivery
Everyone claims that their community is unique, that their amenities can’t be beat, that they simply do things differently. Prove it! If your message is “we’re different”, its delivery should reflect as much. The following are two ideas to get you thinking about the “special delivery”.

MotionNotes Video Messages – Personalized follow up
An incredible idea that I learned about through a weekly industry twitter dialogue called #aptchat (highly recommended). The smart folks at Nessel Development mentioned that they used this platform to set their follow up emails apart, and the example they provided wowed me.

I spoke to Angelo Directo, VP Design for Whiteboard Labs, the minds behind MotionNotes. He explained to me that the product was originally developed for Dallas-based developer Hanover Property Company as a way to enliven their post-tour outreach efforts. Since then, a number of other development and management outfits have followed suit. I imagined receiving a personalized Thank You email from a leasing agent who had just showed me around, with video reiterating the features in which I had specifically expressed interest. It’s exactly the type of high touch someone like myself appreciates, proving that not all digital communications have to be sterile or canned.

MotionNotes requires a considerable $1,500 set-up fee for corporate accounts, after which it’s $20 per month. This allows for multiple sub accounts (ideal for different leasing agents), a shared contact list, and the custom branding of a white label solution.

Beyond Gift Cards
Another participant of #aptchat was taking vendor discounts and privileges to a whole new level. Why brand the vendors when you can brand your communities? With a single card, prospects who have toured will have access to a host of local discounts and special offers. Every time they take out that card, they will remember your community and arouse the interest of those around them. You’ll maintain a constant presence in a memorable way, the kind of exposure others dream of.

Don’t be afraid to ask.
I’ve only highlighted two unique approaches to message delivery, but there are countless others out there already. Many are waiting to be dreamed up. That’s where you come in. To adopt or create the best approach to “breaking through”, talk to members of your target market. Whether they ultimately lease with you or not, most people don’t mind being asked things like, “What’s your typical experience with follow up efforts from communities you’ve toured?”, “Which communications stand out? Why?”, and so on. Their answers will guide your thinking toward approaches that fit your particular situation.

What other ways are you reaching out? Share your story below.

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