Introducing company financials: All your finances at a glance

Marc Levetin
Marc Levetin | 3 min. read

Published on October 7, 2015

We’ve been writing a lot about company accounting recently, covering topics like bookkeeping basics, property management fees, income and expenses and cash flow statements.

The reason we’ve been in an accounting frenzy lately is because we’ve been hard at work for a new feature designed to make keeping your books easier than ever. You can now track the books for your company (like the cost of office supplies or your electric bill) right alongside the books for your properties (like rent payments and application fees)—all from within Buildium.




We’ve put this new feature through beta testing to fine tune it for its official debut, and here’s what a few of the customers who tried it have to say:

“For the first time, I’ve been able to use Buildium to fully account for my business finances. I’ve really enjoyed using the cash flow statements to monitor the health of my company’s finances”

Andy Petzold
EPIC Property Management, LLC
Cedar Rapids, IA

“Company reporting is greatly simplified and shows a much better view of management’s real income and expenses.  No more guesswork over what was real and what was just the ‘workaround’ balances!”

Chris DiMarco
Common Cents Property Management
Wilmington, DE


To get the most out of company financials, you’ll want to watch one of our two recorded webinars about how to get started.

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