Why do community association managers trust Buildium with over 300,000 doors? Our commitment to you.

Robin Young
Robin Young | 3 min. read

Published on May 9, 2018

On a Mission to Support Our Customers’ Success

Buildium exists to make property managers’ lives easier. For the last 14 years, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with our customers in both the rental management and association management markets to create the easiest-to-use software in the industry.

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We’re dedicated to supporting our customers as their businesses grow and their portfolios evolve in response to shifts in the residential market. One of the trends we’ve noticed in recent years has been rapid growth in the association management space. In response, we’ve seen many property managers’ rental portfolios expand to include community associations.

Recent Trends in the Community Associations Industry

With more than 6 in 10 new homes being built within community associations, Buildium’s support for association managers’ needs is more critical than ever to help our customers thrive.

Delivering What’s Needed Next

Buildium has supported community association managers since our earliest days, and the evolution of the market has reaffirmed the importance of this commitment. With over 300,000 association doors under management by Buildium customers, we’re more determined than ever to deliver the best software in the industry for community association managers.

That’s why we’ve doubled down on our mission to continuously iterate and deliver value in response to customers’ feedback—and we’re proud to announce that the investments we’ve made over time in support of community association managers’ needs have never been more clear.

Community association managers that choose Buildium not only get the easiest-to-use software and the best customer service in the industrythey have access to the following capabilities:

  • Communicate effectively with homeowners, non-owner residents, and board members at any time, from anywhere
  • Foster relationships with board members and between residents through a customized portal
  • Quickly track and resolve violations and maintenance tasks while on the go
  • Eliminate headaches with automated financial management
  • Build trust and save time with on-demand financial reports

“[With Buildium], board members are able to view the financials at a moment’s notice. It’s kind of like they get a daily board meeting.”

Jaspur Liberman, On the Mark Management

To find out more about how Buildium benefits community association managers, check out Buildium’s Associations Features page, or contact one of our sales consultants at 877-396-7876.

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Robin Young

As Buildium’s Senior Researcher, Robin leverages her background in social science research and interest in real estate economics to identify trends in the rental market. She combines intensive market research with insights gleaned from surveys of property managers, renters, and rental owners to examine topics like shifting renter demographics, the housing affordability crisis, and the transformation of property management during the pandemic. She's best known as the author of the annual State of the Property Management Industry Report.

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