Buildium awarded ‘Best Company Culture’ according to Comparably’s 2018 Culture Awards

Megan DeWaele Bieber
| 3 min. read

Buildium, the real estate industry’s leading property and association management solution, today announced that it was awarded “Best Company Culture” by, a leading workplace culture and compensation site with a mission to make workplaces more transparent and rewarding. With nearly 10 million ratings from employees across 50,000 U.S. companies, Comparably has become one of the most trusted third-party sites for workplace culture and fastest-growing SaaS solutions for employer branding.

“‘Culture’ is often an elusive thing for companies to articulate and quantify,” said Chris Litster, CEO of Buildium. “At Buildium, we hold employee pride to be one of our primary business objectives. We work hard as an organization to work together for our customers, to be good members of the communities we work in, and to instill that feeling of pride across the entire organization. I am incredibly proud of what this award communicates about the special culture that we have at Buildium.”

The Comparably Awards honor businesses that are helping to drive positive culture change across companies large and small. Rankings are derived from sentiment ratings provided by employees who anonymously rate their employers on throughout the year. Current employees were asked to provide feedback on company leadership, their happiness at work, the company culture, and more.

“Winning Comparably’s Best Company Culture award is an exceptional achievement, highlighting the absolute best places to work in the United States as rated by their own employees,” said Comparably CEO Jason Nazar.“These employers received the highest ratings from their teams across every facet of work, from leadership and office environment to compensation and company outlook.”

Buildium employees volunteered the following feedback about the company:

  • “Buildium has been an excellent place grow as a professional. They truly want the best for their employees and customers, and it shows in the amount of passion that everyone on the team has for what we do. We freely acknowledge that there’s still work to be done, and work hard to improve each day.”
  • “Buildium has worked hard to foster a culture of transparency. The company has focused on bringing diversity and professionalism to the team as a whole, and it shows in the quality of our work and passion for our customers.”
  • “There’s very little ego, and everyone strives to give their best no matter what they’re working on. There’s a real succeed together/fail together mentality.”
  • “The atmosphere here feels warm, inspiring, supportive, and innovative. People strive for progress while caring deeply about each other. They take their jobs seriously, but never themselves.”

To learn more about Buildium and how you can join its award-winning team, visit

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Megan DeWaele Bieber

Megan DeWaele Bieber

Megan DeWaele Bieber is the Employment Brand Manager at Buildium. Combining her interest in psychology and marketing, she focuses on ways to discern candidate behavior, and test the best ways to attract top talent. With a passion for generating buzz and a focus on employee activation, Megan leads Buildium's employer brand strategy with the goal of making Buildium famous in the Boston tech space and beyond.

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