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Geoff Roberts
Geoff Roberts | 2 min. read

Published on January 10, 2014

We asked a few property managers and others what the best advice they got as they started their property management careers. Here’s what they said.

Bobby Russo, Ace Mulligan Homes

“Understand your role with tenants: Provide a safe and healthy home for them to enjoy, and treat them with respect. I got this advice before I started, and it sure has paid off, because I wasn’t really sure why it was given, until my first day here.”

Ken Kmet, Condo Voice

“When faced with a dilemma, ask yourself: Does the choice improve property values or decrease them? If it improves property values, that is the best choice.”

Stephanie Burch, Gianikas Property Management

“Managing properties is easy. Managing people is hard. Lead by example and don’t ask anyone to do something you are not willing to do. Earn their respect and you’ll have a strong team. You need to inspire and motivate through empowerment, not fear-based tactics.”

Jo-Anne Oliveri, ireviloution intelligence

“Think and act like a sales person and therefore train as a salesperson. Our role is essentially the same except that as a property manager we list, market and lease, negotiate, manage, and sell a lease on a property, whereas in sales they list, market, and sell a title to a property. Once I developed the mindset of salesperson, I was better able to understand how to perform my role and produce the desired results for all parties.”

Loretta Morgan, Jam Property

“Follow up everything. Don’t leave messages not returned or things not done, even if you don’t have the answers. Just a phone call to confirm that you are on the job gives the client peace of mind.”

Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList

“Think that every day you are leaving on vacation. When you leave to go on vacation, you generally try to wrap up all loose ends and focus on what is most important and get it done. If you operate that way each day and think that you are going on vacation, you tend to work very effectively and efficiently.”

What’s the best advice that you’ve received? Please contribute to the discussion by adding a comment below.

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