5 underrated rental amenities you should be promoting

Jessica Thiefels
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Published on May 17, 2017

Writing rental listings isn’t easy; but if you’re still relying on the first one you ever wrote, there’s a good chance that it could use an update. If you’re not promoting the rental amenities that matter to tenants now, your listings won’t get any attention.

In this post, we’ll reveal 5 underrated rental amenities that you should promote in order to attract new tenants.

Outdoor Space = An Extension of Your Rental

On warm summer nights and dewy weekend mornings, your tenants will crave the ability to relax outside. If your property has outdoor space—even if it’s just a small area—play that up in your listings.

Do you have a deck, balcony, patio, or yard? Do you have space for an outdoor table and chairs? Does the backyard come with anything, like benches or a garden? Include images that highlight these outdoor spaces, and help tenants visualize spending time there.

Here are some buzzwords that Rentalutions recommends including in your listings (if they apply, of course):

  • Upscale
  • Urban
  • Perfect for entertaining
  • Water views
  • City skyline views
  • Backyard haven

Security Features = Peace of Mind

A security system brings piece of mind, but it’s also expensive and requires installation. If you don’t have a full system hooked up, be sure to include information about other, less traditional security features:

  • A peephole on the front door, especially if it provides a wide-angle view
  • Motion sensors
  • Updated locks or smart lock technology
  • New windows, which are likely stronger and more “break-in proof”

Ultimately, you want to be able to say that all points of entry are secure. The 4 areas recommended by security experts are:

  • Windows
  • Front door
  • Backyard
  • Garage

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Updated Technology = Staying Connected

With so many of our gadgets requiring connectivity, it’s important to stay up-to-date on tenants’ technology needs. How can you make it easy for new tenants to get and stay connected? Having a Wi-Fi-ready unit is a no-brainer; but here are a few other upscale technology features to promote if you have them:

  • A smart home system (like Nest) for heating/cooling and lighting
  • Smart lock systems
  • Any TV mounts or surround sound options that are already in place

Energy-Efficient Upgrades = Money Savings

Upgrading windows doesn’t just make them safer; it also helps to keep heating and cooling costs low. Old windows leak air, costing tenants hundreds of extra dollars a year. If you’ve recently made energy-efficient upgrades like replacing your windows, talk about the money-saving benefits that tenants will enjoy. In addition, eco-friendly living is a rental amenity that many of today’s tenants will find attractive.

Use this Energy Saver guide from Energy.gov to find more ways to make your home energy-efficient. You can also take it one step further using this energy savings checklist from Madison Gas and Electric to make more upgrades that you can feature in your listing.

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Accessibility = Social Life

As homeownership rates hit record lows, more and more people are seeing the financial benefits of renting versus buying. As many as 71% of Millennials are renters:

“Traditionally, young adults have become first-time homebuyers as they grow older and have [advanced] in their careers and incomes. This suggests that the fundamental shifts in the economy (job loss, low-income growth, diminishing affordability of homes) may have caused the increase in renting for those in the 18-34 year-old group,” a recent Trulia report said.

A prime location is critical for this portion of the population. They want to be able to get to work easily and go out with friends on the weekends. To show accessibility in your listing, include the commute and walk score, both of which you can get from WalkScore.com.

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