Sky-High Boston Rents Prompt Tenant Complaints — & Landlords Fight Back

Posted March 30th, 2015 by Holly Dolezalek in Industry News & Trends

Boston tenants cry foul as rents rise along with new skyscrapers. Landlords are defending themselves in the media. Supply and demand are at each other’s throats in the Boston rental market. It’s not quite as bad as in Milton, Mass., where a departing

Bank Recs, Not Bank Wrecks

You’ve probably heard the old adage: “measure twice, cut once.” Well, my dad — being my dad — insisted on putting his own spin on things. He used to quip, “I don’t get it. I cut it twice and it’s

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DIY: How to Patch a Wall

When tenants move out, they might take all their belongings off the walls but there’s a high probability that they’ll leave behind holes and dings — especially if they couldn’t find the stud “the first time.” Fortunately, it’s easy to

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Come and Get It: Hot Amenities to Lure Renters

Everybody likes a freebie, or something extra.  Condominium and apartment amenities are hardly new. International Village in Bloomington, Minnesota, opened in 1968 with perks that could rival those now used to woo buyers and renters — pools, hot tubs, and

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