We’ll handle the routine stuff. You handle the grow-my-business stuff.

Make your work fun again. Automate repetitive tasks and free up time to invest in growing your business — or just spending more time with your family and friends.

Make it easy for your tenants to log maintenance requests online. Assign the work to your maintenance staff and track progress through to completion.

Tenants can log maintenance requests through their tenant site
Make it easy for tenants to report maintenance issues
Get notified when a new request is made
You’ll receive an email whenever a tenant logs a new request for maintenance
Automatically email work orders to vendors
It’s easy to assign repairs with just a click
Keep tenants updated on the status of their maintenance requests
Don’t leave tenants guessing about the status of their requests
Download a report of all completed and pending maintenance requests
See at a glance what requests are in process and which have been completed
Our mobile app lets you do it all from the road
Create work orders and other tasks from your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android)

HOA Maintenance Tracking Software
With online maintenance requests and tracking, you’ll spend less time playing phone tag with tenants and vendors, and more time getting maintenance problems addressed quickly and effectively.

The task management features have been huge for me. They help me manage maintenance requests and remember to do all of my other property management tasks — from generating financial reports to filing my federal taxes.

Rob McDaniel
Centurion Property Management