Property Management Technology Trends for 2022 & 2023

Robin Young
Robin Young | 30 min. read
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Labor shortages. Supply chain delays. Rising property costs. These are just a few of the reasons that property managers are turning to technology to get more done with fewer resources. Knowing which tools work best can help you to operate more efficiently, scale with confidence, and stay focused on what matters most.

This report gives you a 360° view into how property managers’ use of technology—and their customers’ demand for it—has changed over the last year, including:

The Tools That Property Managers Found Most Useful in 2021
Property managers have adopted new tools to attract high-quality renters, keep their current residents happy, and help their businesses run smoothly. Find out which tech they said helped them the most.

How Technology Fits into Property Managers’ Growth Strategies
30% of property managers say that using technology to drive efficiency is a key part of their revenue growth strategy this year. Learn how they’re using tech to overcome today’s challenges, from labor and material shortages to rising property costs, while planting the seeds for long-term growth.

Trends in Rental Owners’ Technology Preferences for 2022
1 in 3 rental owners say that property managers’ use of technology is a main consideration in their search for an expert to run their properties. Find out which 8 processes more than half of rental owners agree that their property manager should handle digitally.

Top Renter Technology Preferences for 2022
Use of electronic payments would be 23 percentage points if renters could pay the way they want to. This gap shows that property managers have a chance to better align their services with renters’ preferences—just one of many opportunities renters revealed

Property Management Technology Trends for 2022 & 2023
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