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This week in property management news: September 18, 2017

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Dallas-Fort Worth considered second busiest apartment market; What good property managers don’t do; Apartment demand predicted to surge post-Harvey; Finding the apartment that has it all; And, Low-cost incentives for property management training.

Despite slowdown, D-FW is second busiest apartment market
Though the apartment market may be cooling off for Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth area continues to grow as the second busiest apartment market.

What a good property management company won’t do
No one wants to be that property manager. Realty Biz News provides a list of all the things a good property manager won’t do.

Apartment demand most likely to surge post-Harvey
After studying the effects Hurricane Katrina had on the apartment market, Forbes predicts the outcome will be similar for Houston.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Property Managers Guide

You will discover creative ways to identify and eliminate routines that are no longer benefiting your business.


Finding the place that has it all
The New York Times shares the process of a NYC doctor’s recent apartment search, including his major concerns with location, size and amenities.

Low-cost incentives for property management training
The benefits to training are nearly endless. Not only does it reduce risk, but it can also increase your company’s bottom line. Rental Housing Journal shares 3 low-cost incentives to get your new hires trained successfully.

Sarah Pallatroni

Sarah Pallatroni

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