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Loretta Morgan
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The way in which we do business has moved to the digital world, with social media playing a huge part in promoting agencies and selling your product or service. I say embrace it. Social media has so many benefits and ways to build your profile and your business — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest, and the list goes on.  If you’re not all over it, do it now. And if you don’t know how to do it, get someone to show you how.

With print advertising costs skyrocketing and the digital age blossoming, it makes sense to use this medium to your advantage. The added benefit is that it’s so cost effective if you’re working within a budget.

In my experience, social media has been pivotal in building my business and profile so much more than print media. Through fun and interesting topics that we talk about in our blogs and Jam Jar videos, we create awareness in the community and generate leads for new managements. Often I receive calls or emails related to a particular topic that we post about: I’m asked to elaborate and often convert the questioners to new clients. Pro tip: Always leave your viewers with questions to be asked — that gives you the opportunity to close the deal.

You need to also be strategic in your approach to social media by ensuring that you are obtaining full reach and get to your target market. This is very easy to do by researching what business you want to acquire (ideal clients) and when they’re most likely to be reading or watching what you post. Many of the social media sites have tools to measure this (e.g., Facebook Insights).

To ensure that time is also managed effectively when posting to social media, you need to make sure that your posts feed to all the social media sites that you want to use at the same time. This reduces additional entries and wasted time.

Scheduled posts throughout the week are key to optimizing the results you will get. But make sure these multiple posts are at the same time every week, though, because the community will learn to watch out for your posts and expect them at certain times.

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I choose not to waste too many of my resources on other mediums, as I feel I get a better bang for my buck on the Internet. However, be warned: Everyone else understands this too, and they’re also online, so you need to be original in your approach.

This is where clever marketing strategies come into play. Here are some tips:

  • Dare to be different. Make sure you’re promoting yourself and your brand in a way that really gives something for nothing in a fun and exciting way. You might have differing opinions from the public or other agents, but hey, they talk and the word spreads, which is what you want.

  • Create a regular blog and promote it through your current client base. Look to ask your friends and family to share it with their friends and family. The potential to grow your brand and the need for your services from there is endless. Be consistent in your approach to this, though. You need to blog regularly and at different times of the day to reach varying audiences. Your blog and posts must give the public some value, because sending meaningless rubbish about yourself is pointless, and people will switch off and unsubscribe. Be informative. Educate, nurture, and build an audience that waits for more.

  • Go beyond words. Video blogging through YouTube is a great way to capture an audience too, because they will engage more with the image you are presenting to them rather than a page full of text. Today’s audiences want information delivered to them quickly, easily, and in a fun and informative way.  Most don’t like to read unless it’s different, fun, or very captivating.

In closing,  it pays to be different and look to give your community information that is free. Be the authority in your field and become the go-to agent.  You’ll earn respect and become a reliable source of information, which in turn will win you more business.

How do you leverage social media to grow your business? Share your tips and advice below.

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Loretta Morgan

Loretta Morgan

Loretta Morgan is Managing Director of Jam Property in Caloundra, Queensland, Australia.

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