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Andrew Payne
| 3 min. read
Setting your rental property rate
Whether you’re listing a property for the first time or the tenth, it’s important to confirm that your pricing is market-competitive. Setting a proper rental rate ensures that you’ll attract plenty of customers to the listing, while also...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 6 min. read
Bonuses and incentives in the real estate industry – striking accord
Are you in a position to create your own bonus and incentive plan that strategically builds your business, not just your property manager’s pocket? Successful bonus and incentive plans are all about understanding your team at an individual...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 4 min. read
Bonuses and incentives in the real estate industry – understanding win/win/win formulas
Salary incentive and bonus plans have to work for both parties. But, even more importantly, real estate agency principals need to understand what they are aiming to achieve in offering incentives to the team. The vast majority of...
Geoff Roberts
| 6 min. read
Search engine optimization for property managers
Whenever I’m asked what I do for a living, my go-to response is that “I work in marketing and public relations for a software company.” That’s a sufficient reply for most social situations, but on occasion I’m asked...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 4 min. read
Know your property management market potential
I see too many property management businesses either fail completely or forever fail to achieve their targets for many and varying reasons. It’s important, just like in any business, to understand and know your market. In order to...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 4 min. read
Property management training tips: Mastering role understanding & competency
Why is practical training critical to the property management industry? Let’s look at the benefits and evidence of practical training, as well as the reasons why training needs to be role-specific, and how online learning can offer a...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 5 min. read
Property management training – the solution
I’ve always been taught that I should never go to anyone with a problem if I can’t also assist with the solution. In my last two blogs I’ve articulated my observations and opinions on just one of the...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 4 min. read
Property management training… what’s gone wrong?
It is my belief that one of the major reasons we have so many unhappy teams, clients and business owners is the lack of training in the property management industry. Sadly, property management has not attracted the right...
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Laurie Mega
| 17 min. read
7 steps to find the best property management software for your business
Take these 7 steps to find the best property management software for your business and learn which features make software worth the money.
Jon Park
| 8 min. read
Property management staffing and automation: Tips to keep your business running smoothly—even when you’re not there
The average American takes 11 paid vacation days a year. For busy property management, that number’s often much lower—especially if you’re running your business on top of individual properties in your portfolio. Resisting the urge to micromanage your...
Robin Young
| 15 min. read
A Return to Growth for Rental Owners in 2024
Understand the different types of rental investors and what they expect from their property management company in the current rental market.
Tara Mastroeni
| 8 min. read
9 property management tips: Habits for growth-minded business owners
No matter how far along you are in your property management career, the industry seems to keep you on your toes—and there’s always something new to learn. Even the most established managers can benefit from a few property...
Buildium’s Blueprint for Better Screening
Learn how Buildium’s Screening services can deliver comprehensive tenant background checks and risk assessments, helping you make informed decisions. As part of this webinar, you’ll learn: The fundamental benefits of screening Details and comparison of Buildium’s Screening services...
Jon Park
| 10 min. read
Tech vs hiring: Boost revenue with a smarter approach to your property management staff
Almost every property manager is looking to grow their portfolios in 2024. In fact, 92% of them have plans to expand their business this year. While expansion may entail hiring more staff, a technology-based approach is often a...
Tony Maiella
| 12 min. read
Amp up your property management lead gen game: How to get new owners in the door
Whether your MO is to grow your business fast or pull in clients as you build out your business, property management lead generation is a strategy you need to master. After all, getting new property management leads is...
Laurie Mega
| 9 min. read
Amp up your property management lead gen game: Your nurture and sales strategy
You know that to get more property management clients, you need to generate more property management leads. And to do that, you need a solid, multi-channel marketing plan that brings in owners looking for a property manager. But...

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