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Bobby Russo
| 3 min. read
Bobby’s Blog: Our value as property managers
“So, you collect rents, send out the handyman, and show houses. Is that really all you do?” I’m constantly hearing that from our clients, prospective clients, and my friends. When I hear it put into those words, should...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 3 min. read
How to be the apple of the property management industry
Most operate their property management company through reactive management. If this sounds like you, I suggest you take a page or two out of Apple’s book. As one of the most highly respected and highly loved companies in the world,...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 3 min. read
Property managers need better processes, not outsourcing
Your property management team cannot manage their workload, tasks are piling up, tenants are unhappy with your service, and owners are threatening to take their business elsewhere. Does this sound like your property management company? Unfortunately, this is...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 3 min. read
Reputation management for property management companies
Did you know your agency’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets? Practicing proactive reputation management should therefore be at the top of your list! If it isn’t, take note—this crash course on reputation is my gift...
Colin McCarthy
| 3 min. read
Are landlords liable for the criminal acts of employees?
Our last post dealt with circumstances attaching liability to a landlord for employees’ acts that were “not so unusual” that imposing liability would be unfair. Teaching someone how to drive a lawnmower when a landlord has a lawnmower...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 3 min. read
Written policies and procedures are good for business
Speaking at a recent property management conference, I tackled a question posed by principals and business owners: How do you modify others’ behavior to get the results you need? This is about creating positive relationships with your clients...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 4 min. read
How property management success adds up
I recently read an article that stated a property management business is not profitable until it has around 500 properties (or units) under management. This is simply wrong. The number of properties under management is not the only...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 4 min. read
Building your rent roll: organic growth vs. acquisition
I get asked this question a lot: “What’s the best way to build my rent roll?” I always reply, “What are your business’ goals for growth?” There are two viable methods for building your rent roll: Organic growth...
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Robin Young
| 2 min. read
How property management companies plan to increase their revenue in 2024 [The Lookout]
 Every year, Buildium asks thousands of property management professionals how much their companies have grown over the past year, and how much they plan to grow in the year to come. This year, 89% of third-party property management...
Jon Park
| 5 min. read
8 must-know leasing technology trends of 2024
According to Buildium’s 2024 Property Management Industry Report, 95% of rental owners are comfortable doing business with property managers online, marking a 15 percentage point increase from 2023. This familiarity is creating new expectations for property managers to...
Jon Park
| 15 min. read
Property Maintenance Project Management Guide
Being prepared for unforeseen events is key to easing financial (and mental) burdens in the property management business. But with so many options for insurance, where do you start?
Robin Young
| 25 min. read
The 2024 Community Association Management Industry Report
Jump on next year’s trends now with the industry’s most comprehensive report
Robin Young
| 2 min. read
Property management companies’ top growth tactics for 2024 & ‘25 [The Lookout]
If your property management company is looking to expand in 2024, you’re in good company—so are 92% of your peers. But you’re also not alone if you find yourself needing new tactics to make that growth happen this...
Mastering Buildium Marketplace A-Z
Want to learn more about Buildium Marketplace integrations so you can get even more out of Buildium? Join us and learn how Buildium Marketplace partners and services can enhance a tech stack that best suits your business needs—with...
Jake Belding
| 10 min. read
4 top property management CRM software options for 2024: The full guide
Compare the features and benefits of 4 of the best property management CRM platforms of 2024, including Buildium, Propertyware, and more.
Jake Belding
| 10 min. read
Buildium vs AppFolio: An in-depth comparison
Buildium vs Appfolio: Which the best property management software for you? Read our in-depth comparison of key features and pricing.

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