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Colin McCarthy
| 3 min. read
Are landlords liable for the criminal acts of employees?
Our last post dealt with circumstances attaching liability to a landlord for employees’ acts that were “not so unusual” that imposing liability would be unfair. Teaching someone how to drive a lawnmower when a landlord has a lawnmower...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 3 min. read
Written policies and procedures are good for business
Speaking at a recent property management conference, I tackled a question posed by principals and business owners: How do you modify others’ behavior to get the results you need? This is about creating positive relationships with your clients...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 4 min. read
How property management success adds up
I recently read an article that stated a property management business is not profitable until it has around 500 properties (or units) under management. This is simply wrong. The number of properties under management is not the only...
Jo-Anne Oliveri
| 4 min. read
Building your rent roll: organic growth vs. acquisition
I get asked this question a lot: “What’s the best way to build my rent roll?” I always reply, “What are your business’ goals for growth?” There are two viable methods for building your rent roll: Organic growth...
Linda Day Harrison
| 4 min. read
Protecting your property management company brand name
Whether you like it or not, online marketing is here to stay. Don’t think that tomorrow you’ll wake up and not have to deal with it or worry about it, like a fad. No such luck. Burying your...
Joe Dawson
| 4 min. read
Simple SEO for property management sites
If you run your own property management company’s website, you have likely heard of search engine optimization (SEO). One popular scheme that low-rent SEO companies use is to add blog comments or send unsolicited emails to website owners...
Linda Day Harrison
| 4 min. read
We are not a cookie-cutter industry: Don’t quote your services that way! Part II
I came to the conclusion very early in discussions with potential new property management clients that an initial drive-by, preliminary meeting with the owner, if possible, and compiling facts about the property on my own internal “Real Property Inventory Profile” was...
Linda Day Harrison
| 3 min. read
We are not a cookie-cutter industry—don’t quote your services that way! Part I
When I was on the front line, running a full-service real estate firm, I would be the point person on all new business calls. The first question from a potential client would almost always be, “How much will...
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Jon Park
| 7 min. read
How to find the best commercial property management software for your business
There’s no dull day as a property manager. You’re not only managing the property itself, but making sure you keep both your tenants and landlords’ best interests in mind. Commercial property managers,  in particular, have variables like foot...
Laurie Mega
| 12 min. read
The 7 Best Property Management Software Solutions for 2023
We’ve studied review sites and assessed features across platforms to find the seven best property management software solutions out there in 2023.
Opportunities for Property Managers in Renters’ Evolving Preferences
The past few years have been anything but smooth sailing. Property management companies responded by putting resident and owner-related concerns above their own—but that’s about to change. Our research shows…
Natalie Cariola
| 5 min. read
The Top 6 Leasing Trends for 2023
In our 2023 Industry Report, half of our respondents told us that technology is going to play a big role in their revenue-generation strategy for the next two years. Listed in their top 10 technology must-haves was leasing...
2023 Community Association Trends in 7 Key Areas
The past few years have been anything but smooth sailing. Property management companies responded by putting resident and owner-related concerns above their own—but that’s about to change. Our research shows…
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 6 min. read
Preventative HVAC maintenance checklist: 16 things you should do now
Major winter storms are still months away, but as the weather changes, it’s important to pay attention to your property’s HVAC units, furnaces, and related systems. Starting preventative HVAC maintenance now will help you avoid costly repairs and...
Jon Park
| 10 min. read
Spring maintenance checklist for property managers: 10+ ways to make your business blossom
Frozen pipes, roof damage, and ice dams are all unpleasant side effects of winter. As the weather gets warmer, property managers need to spring into action to ensure that their properties are in the best shape possible. Even...
Jake Belding
| 19 min. read
Property maintenance services: The complete checklist and guide
Use this comprehensive property management maintenance checklist to get through repairs faster and more efficiently than previously possible.

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