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Amanda Maher
| 6 min. read
How to ensure tenant turnover goes smoothly
Tenant move-outs can be incredibly stressful: If vacating tenants leave the unit a mess, you run the risk of having the unit sit vacant while tending to maintenance and repairs. Not only can this be expensive, but it...
Katrina Langer
| 3 min. read
5 ways to guarantee a lease renewal
There are so many ways to show your residents that you appreciate them, from building-wide trick-or-treating to Super Bowl parties, every thing you do for your residents helps ensure they’ll stay another year (or longer). At lease renewal...
Katrina Langer
| 4 min. read
8 basic swimming pool rules that every community should have in place
Memorial Day has come and gone, which means one thing: It’s pool and barbecue season. This is great news for your winter-weary residents. They’ll arrive with buckets of sunscreen and piles of kebabs, ready for swimming and grilling....
Barbara Ballinger
| 5 min. read
How to set community rules: be smart, be kind
The Dalai Lama once famously said, “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.” Which, to be honest, is probably the way most of us would love to live our lives. Except, managing a multifamily building...
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 5 min. read
What you should know about residents with unusual pets
For the majority of people, the idea of keeping a tarantula as a pet is probably very unsettling. Personally, a fluffy Golden Retriever is perfectly fine, thank you very much. But there are those among us who just love...
Find & Keep the Best Tenants
Did you know that one unhappy tenant could cost you as much as $3,225? When you consider the cost of a new coat of paint ($600), new locks ($100), and advertising vacancies ($225), the price of a turnover...
Barbara Ballinger
| 5 min. read
Is it time to increase rent? Here are 9 factors to consider.
One of the toughest decisions a building owner or property manager faces annually—as yearly leases come due—is whether or not to increase rent for new and existing tenants. If, after careful thought and analysis, the answer is yes,...
Barbara Ballinger
| 6 min. read
Winning touchdowns: how to host a Super Bowl party for residents
The Super Bowl 50 kickoff is scheduled for promptly 6:30 pm (ET) on February 7th. While football fans from around the country will be gathering at or hosting Super Bowl parties, it’s a perfect opportunity to build camaraderie...

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