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Move-in/move-out checklist: Part 1
A vital part of reducing cost when managing a rental property is limiting the expenses associated with tenant turnover. Tenant turnover usually requires the rental property to be professionally cleaned, painted or touched up, and carpets cleaned or replaced....
The security deposit – how much is enough?
Note: For an extensive overview of security deposits, see our guide: Security Deposit Tips for Property Managers, Landlords, and Tenants. Every property owner should require tenants to issue a refundable security deposit which is held on file to insure against...
RUBS: Is this the best way to subdivide water bills between residents?
If you own multi-family rental property in the southwestern United States, you should know about RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing System). A large majority of multi-family rental properties in California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico are individually metered for electric...
Colin McCarthy
| 4 min. read
Should I seek restitution?
Unfortunately, sometimes tenant-related situations happen that require you to consider restitution: a tenant submits a bad check; causes significant damage and destruction to your property; moves out on the sly; or abandons his possessions on your property, leaving you...
Is renting to family and friends wise?
As a property management company, the majority of our accounts are derived from real estate investors; but many of our accounts come from owners that have only one rental unit, which is usually a prior primary residence. They may...
Ben Holubecki
| 7 min. read
Tenant selection in today’s economic environment
I was recently on the phone with a rental property owner who was considering utilizing our leasing and property management services and he asked me an interesting question.  He asked me how the downturn in the economy and the...
Geoff Roberts
| 4 min. read
Emergency preparedness plans for property managers
We all had it drilled into our heads as kids: Better safe than sorry! Whether it was through fire drills or being told to wear a helmet when riding my bike, hearing this phrase is amongst my earliest...
Handling repairs – the right and wrong way
Having to make repairs to your rental property should not come as a surprise. For some reason most owners drop the ball when it comes to handling maintenance requests from their tenants. Some owners struggle to understand the importance...
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1091 Results
Laurie Mega
| 8 min. read
The 7 Biggest Rental Market Trends for 2023 (and How to Get Your Business Ready for Them)
In the last two years, predicting rental real estate market trends has been nearly impossible. As a result, many of property managers’ business plans were reactionary, keeping their businesses afloat amid lockdowns, record inflation, panicked residents, and a...
Laurie Mega
| 7 min. read
10 property management bookkeeping basics
Since one of the core responsibilities of a property manager is to manage an owner’s assets, income, and expenses, you’re constantly dealing with accounting whether you like it or not. From receiving rent payments to handling vendor invoices,...
Laurie Mega
| 7 min. read
9 ways to use property management automation
Type automation into a Google News search field and see what you get. Go on. We’ll wait. You got a lot, didn’t you? From manufacturing to finance to entertainment, everyone wants to automate the tedious and laborious parts...
Laurie Mega
| 6 min. read
1099 forms for property management: Everything you need to know (2022 update)
Property managers are going to be busy in 2023. According to our 2023 Property Management Industry Report, 92% of property managers we surveyed plan to expand their portfolios in the next two years. Given the current economic climate,...
Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
How does a 1031 exchange work? What property managers should know
More and more property managers are finding their clientele shifting from accidental landlords to strategically minded rental real estate investors. And they’re relying on the property management companies they hire to help them make the most of their...
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 7 min. read
Multi-family winterization checklist: 18 steps to take ASAP
For most of the country, winter is at our doorstep—and as with winters past, it could bring billions of dollars in property damage nationwide. Between 2020 and 2021, insurance losses from winter storms jumped from about $1 billion...
Robin Young
| 9 min. read
Research: Property management industry trends you should know heading into 2023
New research shows that property management companies are renewing their commitment to the long-term health of their business after making it through the chaos of the last few years. But just because they’re refocusing on expansion and efficiency...
Jake Belding
| 10 min. read
What you didn’t know about property management trust accounting
In a people-centered business like property property management, the last thing you want is to be stuck crunching numbers and untangling accounts. There are some well-established property management accounting best practices that can save you time, but often that’s...

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