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Geoff Roberts
| 3 min. read
Should you raise rents?
In many parts of the U.S., there are fewer rental units, and a greater percentage of Americans are renting than they were just a few years ago. Those are two key findings contained in the latest research by...
Sara Thompson
| 3 min. read
How to select the best tenant for your rental property
You bought your investment property to make money over time, and with the right tenant, it can. Selecting a tenant is the most important aspect of managing your investment property. An undesirable tenant can turn your owner experience into...
Steve Boudreault
| 3 min. read
Becoming a pet-friendly community: Good idea, or asking for trouble?
Ah, pets. What to do about pets? There are all sorts of policies out there when it comes to renting to people with pets. Some properties adopt a hardline stance: no pets of any kind. Some properties only...
Kevin Raposo
| 3 min. read
A burglar reveals the four tips for home protection
Ever wonder what goes through the mind of a burglar? We got the chance to sit down with some burglary professionals and asked them. Here’s what we discovered: A Tonka Truck left in the yard could invite a...
Ken Kmet
| 8 min. read
Seawalls are everywhere
Seawalls are everywhere. There are endless miles and miles of them. If you live in a condominium, HOA, townhouse community, or home along the beach, bay, inter-coastal waterway, or lake, you most likely have one. Most condominiums and...
Ken Kmet
| 4 min. read
Northeast property owners prepare for hurricane sandy
Hurricane Sandy is glancing off Florida, and heading toward the east coast of the U.S., aiming straight for a rare collision with the Northeast U.S. Sitting here, as a Floridian, watching the satellite photos and watching the projected path,...
Ken Kmet
| 7 min. read
Condo and HOA fire inspections
Say the phrase “fire inspection” and every property manager, board member, and maintenance engineer will make a face. It is that annual visit to your property by the local fire marshal. It is usually unannounced, may not necessarily...
Jason Hetherington
| 2 min. read
What a property manager needs to know before renting to friends & family
Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? When a close friend or family member holds a certain position of power, those who know this person tend to feel that they...
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Jon Park
| 12 min. read
Propertyware vs Buildium: Choosing the best all-in-one property management software
Compare Propertyware vs Buildium to find the best property management software for the specific needs of your business.
Laurie Mega
| 13 min. read
The ins and outs of HOA reserve fund accounting
If you talk to an association and ask them about their HOA reserve fund accounting, you may hear some pretty unfortunate stories that happened before you arrived; reserve funds that were too low to cover repairs, treasurers who...
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 7 min. read
Multi-family winterization checklist: 18 steps to take ASAP
For most of the country, winter is at our doorstep—and as with winters past, it could bring billions of dollars in property damage nationwide. In 2022, insurance losses from winter storms added up to just under $6 billion,...
Robin Young
| 16 min. read
Renter demographics are shifting. Here’s how property managers can prepare
In the midst of a busy leasing season, it can be hard to find the time to take a step back and ask: Are the kinds of residents who are interested in your properties changing over time? Are...
Laurie Mega
| 10 min. read
7 best single-family property management software solutions of 2023
See how 7 of the top single-family property management software solutions stack up and determine which works best for you and your owners.
Jake Belding
| 15 min. read
The 11 best community association management software tools in 2023
Discover 11 of the best community association software options available and streamline your operations today.
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